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Bigger Boobs Are Now Catered For With Our Evenly Bra Balancers™.

We are delighted to be able to offer Bra Balancer™ options for a wider range of bra sizes, effective immediately.

How Does Evenly Cater for My Uneven Breasts?

Since Evenly was founded in 2020, our female-led brand has continued to innovate and research the best options to support our community and customers. Whilst our bra for asymmetry is being developed (we can't wait to share more details with you all), we wanted to provide a solution in the meantime and the Evenly Bra Balancer™ was launched. These silicone inserts provide an instant solution to uneven breasts by filling the gap between your smaller breast and your bra cup.

Where Do I Start to Balance Out Breast Asymmetry?

Uneven breast solutions from Evenly® UK

Those of us with uneven boobs know all too well that finding a bra that fits can be a real boob ache! Our best tip is to shop for a bra to fit your larger breast perfectly - there's more information about this and tips for bra shopping for asymmetry in

our 5 Top Tips for Shopping with Breast Asymmetry blog. The good news is there are then some simple and effective things that you can do to even up the weight and appearance of an unbalanced bra on your smaller side, including using an Evenly Bra Balancer™. The even better news is that we’ve just increased the size range we cater for. Woohoo!

Do Bra Balancers™ Really Work? *Spoiler Alert* Yes!

Since our launch in 2020, our Bra Balancers™ have proved to be incredibly popular, with customers telling us that wearing our inserts has boosted their self-confidence and helped reduce the pain associated with asymmetry. One happy customer shared this review with us;

"I received my order the other day and honestly, it has changed everything. Having one boob measuring a G/GG and the other an F/FF the bra balancer has helped my wee boob look and feel much better and more supported in all my bras. I have been searching for something like this for years. I thought it would have been fairly easy to find but most companies stop at a D for boosters or balancers. I could not have been any happier or excited when I found your company. I have already told so many other women about your company. Thank you so so much."

- 5 Star Customer review from Evenly Website, left by 'R'.

This is exactly what Evenly is all about, and we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we can now help even more people get that Evenly feeling with our increased size range, now catering for larger cup sizes.

What Sizes Are Available for Bra Balancers™?

Our founder Kate has worked closely with some of the industry’s leading experts, and more recently we have collaborated with bra fitting and sizing experts to hone our size range offerings. We are delighted to be able to offer Bra Balancer™ options for a wider size range of bra sizes, effective immediately.

Balance uneven breasts with an Evenly Bra Insert

We now offer Bra Balancer™ inserts that are compatible with an increased range of bra sizes, with the following UK* size ranges catered for at our online store now;

A cup 28-42A

B cup 28-42B

C cup 28-42C

D cup 28-42D

DD cup 28-42DD

E cup 28-42E

F cup 28-42F

FF cup 28-42FF

G cup 28-40G

GG cup 28-38GG

H cup 28-36H

HH cup 28-34HH

* You can convert non-UK sizing to find your correct Bra Balancer™ size using our Evenly Fit Finder or our International Bra Size Conversion Chart.

For more help to find your perfect fit you can also use our helpful no-fuss guide for How to find the perfect Evenly® Bra Balancer™ or get in touch through our Contact us form.

You can find our online shop at and if you’d like to meet other uneven boob owners, you can join our free Uneven Titty Committee™ Facebook community support group for breast asymmetry,


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